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Tech Support

Tech support posts on this site will help you learn about and use P.S. 124’s different technology resources, and also solve common problems that might arise along the way.

Here is our list of DOE links we use most frequently:

Also browse this site’s Tech Support “Tag” to see all related posts, or use the site’s “Search” box with key words, for example:

  • Using the Help Desk
  • “Un-blocking” web sites
  • Dell Managed Services
  • Training
  • blog, or wordpress
  • DOE E-Mail
  • Sub Central
  • Laptops
  • Princeton Review IA
  • Classroom Printing
  • Wireless

Other DOE helpful links:

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  1. Mr. Conrad permalink*
    November 26, 2007 1:46 pm

    I’ve been having very good luck using the telephone support for DOE technology. The phone number is 718-935-5100. You get a voice-mail response (OF COURSE!) but the wait time isn’t very long, unless you call early in the morning or right at lunch, but even then … not so bad.

    The first option is to “Press One” for help re-setting your DOE e-mail account password! So, call in and press “1” to get started using your DOE E-mail Account.

    See me (Mr. Conrad) if you need to learn your “user-ID”.

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