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Annabell Burrell



Ms. Burrell has been the principal of Public School 124 since September 2005. She started her career in education in September 1990 as a first grade bilingual education teacher at Public School 1 in Brooklyn where she taught students to read and write in both English and Spanish. She then taught at Public School 169 for eleven years as a teacher of grades kindergarten, first, second and third. One of her roles during those eleven years was Literacy Staff Developer and ESL Resource Specialist. She taught English as Second Language to adults and was also the Coordinator of the Project 2000 Dual Language Program, a federally funded program whose mission was to develop bilingual bi-literate students in English, Spanish and Chinese. Later, she became assistant principal at Middle School 136 in Sunset Park supervising sixth grade.


Ms. Burrell has a strong belief that every student must be offered every opportunity to succeed academically, socially, physically and emotionally. She is confident that all the work we do with students today affects their futures and ours; that we must prepare them with the skills they will need to live, work and succeed in the world they will inherit.

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