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Mr. McRae’s Class 2009-2010

Africa’s Population by: Natasha


African Desserts by: Brian B.


African Soups by: Nisani


Jesse, Persuasive Essay

2009 December 23

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by Mr. McRae’s Class

TV is good for kids because some shows teach kids stuff. Cyberchase teaches math, Super Why teaches reading and writing. Fetch teaches history.

TV is also good for kids because kids could watch TV after homework. The homework might be hard so to relax a kid, they watch TV. Barney and A Little Curious are relaxing shows.

TV is also good for kids because kids could watch TV for homework. Kids might have a report on something so then they could watch Animal Plant if the report is on animals. You can watch Food Network if the report is on making food or The Olympics if the report is on sports.

Andrew, Persuasive Essay

2009 December 22

by Mr. McRae’s Class

T.V. is Bad For You. T.V. is bad for kids because it has violent stuff. You do the same thing that you see on the TV and you do it more. You can get in trouble for doing the wrong thing. You get really really mad and you hate yourself  for doing it. People that hurt people go to jail.
Television is bad for  kids because cartoons are very violent and mean. They hurt each other and lead to trouble. They are really really nasty and yucky.
Television is bad for kids because they show stuff that is really scary. They give you nightmares and you don’t want to sleep. It’s disgusting and inappropriate.
Television is bad because it can hurt your ears. It is too loud and noisy a lot. You can’t hear anybody when it’s on. You can’t talk because the people won’t hear you too.

Natasha, Persuasive Essay # 2

2009 December 21

by Mr. McRae’s Class

Kids should watch more educational shows because… If kids watch more educational shows they would get smarter. Like these: Brain Surge, The Electric Company and Word Girl. You should watch these more.

But if kids watch more regular shows, then they would not get smarter. Like these: Wrestling, Fresh Prince of Bel air, and Hannah Montana. You should watch these less.

Brain Surge helps kids learn facts. Word Girl helps kids learn words and the definitions of them. The Electric Company teaches kids how to read and write. That’s why these are educational shows.

In wrestling, all the wrestlers do is hurt each other. All it does is teaches kids to wrestle and hurt people. Its sets a bad example for kids. In Fresh Prince of Bel Air, all the people in there do is talk, say bad words and do things kids are not supposed to do. All it teaches kids to do is say bad words.

In Hannah Montana all she does is sing and when she is off stage all she does is talk with her friends. That’s why these shows are not educational. Kids should watch more educational shows it’s the best for them.

Oscar, Persuasive Essay

2009 December 22

by Mr. McRae’s Class

T.V. is Bad for Kids

T.V. is bad for kids because some kids watch too much T.V. Then their eyes hurt a lot because their eyes get tired.

Some kids like to watch wrestling on television. And some kids don’t like wrestling on television. Because some kids don’t like when they slam ladders, chairs and tables. Because kids are scared when wrestlers use ladders, chairs and tables and are breaking them on the wrestler’s heads.

Some shows on the T.V. are violent and kids can’t watch them. But some kids watch it and some kids are scared because sometimes actors have blood and they look scary.  You can get a nightmare.

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  1. Mr. McRae's Class permalink
    November 5, 2009 7:30 pm

    Personal Narratives Reflection
    By: Brian

    What are Personal Narratives?

    Writing about yourself.

    What did you find difficult or easy in personal narratives?

    I found putting punctuations difficult. Because I had to put a lot of punctuations.

    What did you like best about your personal narratives?

    I liked when we indent and do 3 paragraphs. Because if you don’t do 3 paragraphs you would get confused like if you don’t know where is the part of going to the park.

    What did you learn about Personal Narratives or indenting?

    I learned that you needed to put punctuations and indent and when you’re happy in your Personal Narratives you put an explanation point. Because if you don’t put the explanation point you would get confused.

  2. Segun permalink
    April 14, 2010 12:13 am

    Well I think T.V. is good and bad. I think T.V. is good, because Animal Planet, and National Geographic are the types of TV shows that have a good meaning. I think TV is bad because things like Family Guy and American Dad rot your brain.

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