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Reminder: Stay safe.

October 25, 2013

Keep Backpacks Safe.As we begin the weekend, we’d like to share a little note from a parent via the PS 58 PTA:

Hello everyone.

Yesterday before school, I was with my kids in Carroll park. My daughter Sadie put her backpack on the bench near where we were playing. A man with short, blondish dreads and his girlfriend with piercings around her mouth were spotted stealing her backpack. According to the crossing guard these two hang out at the park.

It was a huge bummer for Sadie to lose her school work and some of the schools books. Thankfully, all is replaceable. It’s just upsetting that someone would steal from a child (or anyone for that matter).

I just want to remind you all to keep a close eye on your possessions. And look out for these two thieves!

All the best,
Courtenay (mom to Sadie and Declan)

Stay aware! Keep your belongings in sight at all times. And, stay safe.


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