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2010 Top 10: #5 Super Battery Fairy! & #6 2nd Grade Read Alouds in iMovie!

June 16, 2010

#5 Super Battery Fairy!  Award-winning  PSA by Class 4-302!

This WNET Channel 13 and Chase Multimedia in the Classroom Award Winning PSA was researched, scripted and storyboarded by Mr. Marsano’s kids, then shot and edited collaboratively with Mr. M and The Media Spot.  It was screened for several hundred teachers and students at the Celebration of Teaching and Learning in Manhattan.  It’s another great model by Mr. Marsano of a classroom production integrated in the writing curriculum with a critical focus on a specific community issue. And it was recognized by the Eveready Battery Company.

4th Grade PSA: Super Battery Fairy
Watch Super Battery Fairy!

#6 2nd Grade Story Reading in iMovie!

Mr. McMurrer’s kids started recording themselves reading aloud from their fiction pieces using iMovie on laptops with webcams late in the year.  After a few small-group lessons, and share-outs on the projector, students were working independently on this fluency-building activity.

2nd Grade Student Read-Alouds
Read more about the read-alouds, and watch the sample!

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