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2010 Top 10: #9 The War with Grandpa & #10 ESL’s Tooth Movie!

June 14, 2010

Click the red Links below to see the projects.

#9: The War with Grandpa, Book Review, by 5th Graders with Ms. Lane!

The War with grandpa was selected to the PS 124 2010 Top 10 because students are demonstrating fluency, using a variety of media to express their opinion to their peers, thinking critically about a book, creatively combining multimedia with their puppet show to re-create a scene from the story, and collaborating with Ms. Lane to edit and publish their video using iMovie.

Watch the War with Grandpa, a 5th Grade Book Review

#10: ESL’s Tooth Traditions from Around the World!

The tech committee loves this piece by Ms. Cohen’s ESL students because they are using iMovie to build English language skills and fluency, they are building vocabulary and social studies knowledge through their engagement with this material, and collaborating with Ms. Cohen to share their work through iMovie.

Watch Ms. Cohen’s ESL kids’ video!

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