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Cassidy Persuasive Essay

February 22, 2010

Cassidy February 22,2010

Chores and allowance

Do you have chores? Do you walk bye the toy store and this new toy came out, but you don’t have the money to buy it And you really want it but your allowance, Is not high.,read my persuasive essay and see how I went through and see if my allowance goes up.
So what I did was I worked a lot I do things four my mom,i babysit. When my mom is out and I  things four my mom, i babysit when my mom is out and I do all the things I need to do.I half to babysit.I get paid I save all my money and when no more fits in my wallet me and my mom go shopping I  get what I want till I have know more money and when I finish my shopping,i go rite back to work. If I am not with my mom and I still have choirs with  my god mother and I do things four her.My allowance should go up because I do hard work.I change my brothers diapers and clean their room,so that is why I want my allowance to go up a little like maybe 15 or I can work four it,and when I work four it. It can go higher then and if it goes higher,i will do more work.I get paid every week my mom,pays me ten dollars from my god mother because I wash or walk her dog and I make 20 dollars a week.But I still think that is not a lot.I will need to get paid more so when i need things,like shoes pants or even t-shirts and if I can’t get it because I have no money and my mom does not have no money,then who is going to buy it four me?But if I,get paid no one needs to buy it four me and i can get it four myself,and I can get more things like toys and get stuff four other people.I can get movies and it can be more,cooler four people also so that is why I will need to get paid more!
I hope I get a raise on my allowance goes up enjoy!!!!
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