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Award-Winning Super Battery Fairy! 4-302’s Public Service Announcement

February 20, 2010

Super Battery Fairy, a PSA on recycling rechargeable batteries by Class 4-302 will be showing at the Thirteen/WNET, WLIW21 Celebration of Teaching and Learning as a winner of the 2010 Chase Multimedia in the Classroom Awards Competition! Congrats to 4-302 and Mr. Marsano for all of your hard work!

Come on in and watch the videos!

Super Battery Fairy, The PSA

Documentary Video on The Process

After researching hazards related to the improper disposal of rechargeable batteries, students wrote a script with Mr. Marsano keeping them focused on the problem, and what the students wanted their audience to do about it.

To “hook” their audience, students decided to take a serious tone with elements of humor.  Watch their PSA, then have a look at the “making-of” process-based documentary to see how they did it!


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