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Christian’s Persuasive Essay

February 12, 2010

Christian                                                                                     February 1, 2010
Why aren’t there healthy foods in schools? I picked this topic because I really think there should be healthy foods in schools. For instence , if there were healthy foods the
children’s brains will function properly and they will work better. Another reason I picked this topic is because in my opinion, it is good to have food in schools but it would be

even better if their were healthy foods and the reason I wrote this is because I want a change things.  I wont stop until I get healthy foods in PS 124!!! I would pick healthy foods over junk foods.  That is why I picked this topic I am not going to stop persuading until I get healthy foods in schools!!!
I think that Principal Martinez should provide healthy foods for the kids in PS124 so they can be strong and healthy.  Students can wake up when they’re in school and they can pay-attention to what the teacher is saying.  Their mothers and fathers don’t send them to school to waste time.   When they come from lunch they are more talkative, if there was healthy foods they wouldn’t act as out of control.  They would be as focused as when they are when they come  in the morning.  Also we should have a healthy breakfast. “According to the American Dietetic Association, children who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to:

  • Concentrate better
  • Have better problem-solving skills
  • Have better hand-eye coordination
  • Be more alert
  • Be more creative
  • Miss fewer days of school (”

It is not fair for others who want to healthy foods, and I’m sure that children’s  parents would pick healthy foods for their children instead of junk food.

Another reason Principle Martinez should provide healthy foods for kids in PS124 so they can focus on their school work and the teachers don’t have to send them for a drink of water  to wake up.   The teachers shouldn’t have to send them for a drink of water if there were healthy foods in PS124.  That’s not necessary if the teachers have to send them out and plus that’s wasting the students class time.  While she or he is wasting that time they don’t learn any thing they wouldn’t have to do that if there healthy foods and snacks in PS124!!! I believe it should be a law for schools because they don’t need that sugar in their system this includes me, I would prefer healthier snacks and foods that’s why I wrote this.
Finally, the reason people see that PS124 looks like a good school for their children and they want to transfer them to this school because PS124 has healthier foods than other schools.  That reflects on the principal.  The board of education sees the healthy foods that the principal is serving and she gets a reward and it makes her look good.   Also the more kids that come to PS124 the more money we get.  Teachers don’t have to work hard if the children were healthy that’s why I say there should be healthier foods in PS124!!!
I wrote this to convince Principal Martinez because healthy foods are considered a law to me.  I really think there should be a change with healthy foods. I would be happy if I had vegetables and fruits and I am sure that others would be happy too.  If the children had healthy foods in their systems they would be calm  that’s why I try to convince the principal as much as I can to get healthy foods in PS124.

This is a picture of many healthy foods that you can eat there’s different kinds of healthy foods/fruits like low fat chicken and water melon and many more and it matches my writing.

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