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Chiara Persuasive Essay

February 11, 2010

Chiara                                                                                                  February 1, 2010

iPods are cool!
Did you ever want an iPod? If you wanted an iPod, read this persuasive essay and learn how to convince your parents to buy you one! IPods are so cool and awesome. They are the best electronics that you could listen to music. IPods have cool stuff and you can bring it anywhere you want!!!
I believe my mom and dad should buy me an iPod because it will prevent me from getting bored. When I get bored it is awful because all I do is sit on the couch and sleep and sleep and sleep. My brain gets tired and with an iPod, I am happy and active.
I believe my mom and dad should buy me an iPod because I could listen to my favorite music. For example, I could listen to Justin Bieber’s songs like: One Time, Bigger, First Dance ft Usher, Love Me, One Less Lonely Girl, Down To Earth and Favorite Girl. I could also listen to Taylor Swift’s song Love Story and Selena Gomez’s song Naturally. I could play games on it too. Listening music is good for me because I go to singing school and I need to learn some songs. It makes me feel excited. I will play Bejeweled, Jamdat Bowling, Tic Tack Toe and Pop Quizzes. Also, I will like a iPod with purple spots and the whole thing purple.

I believe my mom and dad should buy me an iPod because I am very careful with electronics. Last year, my mom and dad got me a computer and a printer. I did not spill a drop or leave a mark on the computer and printer. I will not spill or drop stuff on it. For example: food, drinks, toys and shoes. I won’t throw anything at it.
Now you know how to convince your parents to buy you an iPod. After all, iPods are amazing and pretty cool. They come in different colors. When you get your iPod, I hope you will have the most fun!!!

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  1. msabodeelyclass permalink
    February 11, 2010 5:06 pm

    Dear Chiara,
    I like you persuasive essay because it is convincing and good job Chiara and I wish you good luck for the next genre.

    By Richal

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