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Jackeline, Persuasive Essay

January 25, 2010

TV is Bad for Kids…

Reason #1: They show bad words and disgusting things.

Family guy is bad because it says bad words. Robot chicken is bad because it has disgusting things and little kids should not see it. The Saw movies are bad because it has killing in it.

Reason #2:
It is violent.

Little kids can’t say bad words because they could say it to other kids.
Little kids can’t see bad things like a boy walking and a car comes and it hits the boy. The Saw movie is bad for kids because it also has a creepy doll and if the kid wants to buy a toy then the kid won’t want to buy it anymore because after watching the movie they will be horrified.

Reason #3: Scary stuff.

It makes kids have bad dreams. It make the kids feel scared. Kids mimic the stuff in the scary movies and make it a game.

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