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Digital Storytelling: Comic Book Adaptation of The Invisible Man

December 14, 2009
Mr. Tandarich’s class is working on making a comic book out of the classic novel by H.G. Wells, The Invisible Man.
When their comics are finished, they are going to publish them on our website with digital images of their comics and sounds.

Guiding Question: What sounds can students add to images of their comic books to make their stories come to life?

We’re going to start by listening to a comic book turned into an audio book.  It’s an old favorite of Mr. T and Mr. Rhys by Power Records from the 1970s.  Power Records Used to make a recording on a record, and when you bought the record you would get a comic with it that you could read while the story played.
When Mr. T & Mr. Rhys were in 5th grade, they didn’t have the technology in school to make a digital story, or share it with the world using the Internet.  More and more, people are communicating using combinations of sound, images, video, and text.  Through this project students in 5-301 are building traditional literacy skills to adapt The Invisible Man into a short comic book, then using 21st Century literacy and skills to communicate their story using digital resources, and the Internet.

Step 1: Analyze a Digital Adaptation of a Comic Book

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