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K & Pre-K iMovie Slide Show Production, Planning Meeting 1

May 13, 2008

Kindergarten and Pre-K teachers are going to create iMovie slide show video adaptations of a few of their favorite books.


  • create simple slide show presentations using digital photos, or scans and student narration
  • develop teachers’ understanding of how iMovie can work in the classroom
  • give students opportunities to interact with the classroom computers and work on fluency and diction


  1. Rhys will demonstrate the process in our first planning session, then students will work with teachers collaboratively on a classroom computer to create the videos, with Rhys standing by for support
  2. Teachers will scan, shoot, or download the images they need for their story and drag them into the iPhoto program (click here for instructions)
  3. Open iMovie and “Create a new project”
  4. Call students over to the computer one or two at a time
  5. Click the “Audio” button on the “shelf” and record a line of narration
  6. Click “Photos” on the “shelf” and drag a photo to the timeline (optionally have students drag the photos into place)
  7. Click on the right edge of the photo on the timeline and click and drag the right edge of the image to make it long or short enough to match the line of narration it goes with
  8. To lock the audio in place, put the playhead at the beginning of your audio track, then click “Advanced” and select “Lock Audio at Playhead” (or hold down the apple key and click “L”)
  9. Optionally add transitions between each photo by clicking “Trans” from the “shelf” and dragging the transition you like between any two photos. NOTE: transitions will change the length of your photos on the timeline, so you might need to re-adjust them to stay in sync with your narration
  10. Repeat the narration/photo building process for all kids


iLife Tutorials for Teachers

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  1. May 13, 2008 2:27 pm

    Next Meetings:
    Toledo – Thursday 6th period: downloading images
    Chhakowrie – Thursday 7th period: downloading images
    Brown – Tuesday 4th period: projector demo

  2. May 16, 2008 1:53 pm

    First PD sessions:
    * each teacher imported photos from their digital cameras into iPhoto, then we went through the process of:
    1. Creating, Naming and Saving a New iMovie Project
    2. Dragging photos from the “Photos” panel of the shelf, to the Timeline
    3. Recording narration in the “Audio” panel of the shelf onto the Timeline
    4. “Locking” the audio clip to the photo on the timeline by dragging the audio clip to the desired spot, lining up the “playhead’ at the beginning of that audio clip, and holding down the apple key and striking “L”

    We repeated this process several times until they could do it with confidence alone.

    They will begin recording students’ narration tomorrow, and I will stop in to assist.

    Once all of the students images and narration are saved in iMovie we will experiment with music, sound effects and transitions.

    TECH NOTE: Ms. Chhakkowrie’s computer (an older blue iMac) had trouble processing Transitions when tested.

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