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Press for the PS 124 Websites!

April 7, 2008

With the recent update of our blogging software (, we are able to easily see where other websites have linked to ours. It turns out that we’ve been getting recognized for our blogging efforts by educational and community websites and never knew it!

The Brooklyn Record posted in 2006 that we were “the only public school in Brooklyn we’re aware of that has a blog!” Check out the post, and the comments people left. One of their readers responded that our work was “cute and uplifting” 🙂

Today I found out that Teachers Teaching Teachers, a collective of teachers that broadcasts a weekly “podcast” (like a radio show) mentioned our blog back in 2006 in an article about new forms of youth media:

There are many other blog projects connecting a handful of elementary or middle schools together, and a few use audio and RSS to do this.

  • One interesting example of blogging in the early grades is growing like a tree in Brooklyn: P.S. 124’s Web Log.

Nice plugs! I’m going to comment on both of these blogs and let them know about how much our websites have developed over the past 2 years, and I’ll keep my eye out for more press we’re getting.

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