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McRae wins Media Ed Spirit Award!

March 18, 2008

McRae Wins Spirit AwardThe results are in…

Mr. McRae is the 2008 Mid-Winter Media Education Spirit Award winner!

He has independently had all of his kids create their own video essays (some made more than one!), battling technical difficulties on 3 of his 6 class computers. He stuck it out with a group of rookie 3rd graders, and today, we published several his class videos to the web, proving that he knows what he’s doing down there in 207! Congrats to Mr. McRae on this achievement!

Media Education Spirit Award (Winter 2008)(This season’s Award was designed by William in 3-206):

Honorable Mention

  • Ms. Abodeely Running multi-student video productions on her own, tying them to her curriculum map, and creating reflections… Don’t miss her new CLASS PAGE on the 3rd Grade blog! She’s got her 3rd graders blogging independently, typing, and editing videos without pulling her hair out! (Incidentally, she can’t believe that she didn’t win this award 😉 )
  • Nicole — She’s been posting steadily: all year, all by her self! If you’ve misplaced that key announcement, or this month’s calendar, don’t worry about it, check the staff website…
  • Ms. Martinez — She’s dropping in on all of our sites to leave comments on student work, and publishing Principal’s Pulses with NO help!
  • Ms. Brown — This incredible newcomer to digital production created a video on her own (with minimal PD from Mr. Rhys), showcasing her Kindergarten Brooklyn Readers, reading aloud!
  • Ms. Lutz — Pushed through a 1st grade read-aloud author study video on Eric Carle using the projector and a laptop. A pioneer in the 1st grade.
  • Ms. Manti — Has fought through her fear of technology, joining forces with her students in a weekly session with me to steadily publish comments and new content to the 3rd grade blog. Check out their How-to writing!

There’s lots of other work going on with Technology in the school. Keep watching the blogs for fresh content, and talk to me about any tech-based projects you’d like to start in your classroom!

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