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Brainstorming and Pitching Video Ideas

February 7, 2008

Before we can make a video, as we saw in our last meeting, we need a topic and a point — or a purpose for telling the story, and a point of view. Once we have that, then we need to write a script that is based on research.  When the script is finished, we’ll collect images or video shots that support our writing, and edit them together in iMovie.

Today we are going to come up with some topics to research, and some possible points of view that you would like to communicate to your audience through video.

  1. First, we will divide into small groups and brainstorm potential topics.
  2. Each group will present their best 3 ideas to the class, and
  3. We will do some quick Internet searching on those topics to see which one has the most potential as a topic of a video

Things we’ll look for in our search:

  • a lot of available images to choose from related to the topic (we’ll use Creative Commons, or Google Images for image searching)
  • websites, reports or news articles about the topic (we’ll use Google to search for our key words)

We will copy and paste any useful links as comments on this blog, so you can use them in your research.

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  1. February 7, 2008 4:13 pm

    Use key words to search for answers to the questions we came up with today.

    1. Horror Movie Characters
    * Why are they so popular? Why is it entertaining to watch psychotic people?
    * Who were the first major horror movie monsters and when did they start making movies about them?
    * Who are the new horror movie characters?

    2. Pokemon
    * Who invented it?
    * When was it invented?
    * Why is it so popular?

    4. The History of Iron Man
    * Started with a comic book: Who wrote it and when?
    * Who is Iron Man? Why does he exist?

    5. Skateboarding
    * How do you do a 360 flip?
    * Who are famous skateboarders?
    * Where did it start?

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