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“Reading” PS 124 Videos, 5-307

January 30, 2008

Mr. Flickinger’s class is getting ready to write a video script. They will be brainstorming topics next week, but first, they needed to watch some different types of videos that students made in the past, and talk about what they did, and how they did it.

Today’s activity:

We watched videos from our Digital Productions Archive and analyzed them in 3 ways: 1) we named the topic, 2) we discussed why the video makers made their movie — to educate, inform, or persuade us to do something, and 3) we talked about what decisions the video editors made to make their point — did they use a type of music, sound effects, close ups of people’s faces to show emotions, historical photos, narration with a lot of facts, beautiful things, sad things, scary things, etc.

Today’s Notes:

Students took notes during the discussion. Below are highlights from our discussion of the 4th grade slide show Godzilla, from 2006:

The video: Godzilla (watch it on The Media Spot)

The Topic: The history of Godzilla

What was the point of the video?
To share information about Godzilla.

What did the video editor use to help inform you about Godzilla?

  • Special effects: fading pictures, video effects like rain, electricity, fog
  • A good script with a lot of research
  • Sounds: sound effects of war, music*, voices, sometimes music by itself (without voices over it)
  • Images: drawings made by students, paintings and posters from the Internet, moving still pictures
  • *Type of music: old fashioned music, because Godzilla is an old character

In our next class meeting we will choose video topics and start working on scripts.

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  1. February 6, 2008 2:36 pm

    Mr. Flickinger and I were talking about the Civil War the other day, and we want to “pitch” the idea of doing a movie related to the Civil War to you.

    Here are some websites that I looked at today about ghost stories from the Civil War.

    Let’s take a look at them and see if this is a topic that might interest you to do some more research:

    * Ghosts:

    Mr. F told me the story of Chamberlain, an officer in the Civil War who lead a legendary defense of Little Round Top. He told me that several men who fought in that battle recall a ghost leading them into the battle. The following link tells another version of the story that says that Chamberlain took credit for leading the troops, when actually it might have just been dumb luck that got the men through the whole ordeal! It just goes to show you that there are often different versions of the same story out there on the Internet and in books, tv, movies, and magazines. It’s up to us as educated people, to decide what we think is the real story based on our research.

    * Chamberlain at Little Round Top:

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