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Establishing Routines for Technology Use

November 9, 2007

PS 124 has a great fleet of technology resources. We need to establish some rules for using and sharing them in good shape, and getting good use.

Below is a list of basics for students and teachers.

Consider this a draft!!! Please make suggestions, and add rules you establish in your classroom to these by leaving Comments to this Post.

Student Safety

  • Sign your work with FIRST NAMES ONLY! (If you want to establish “code names” with your students for the blogs, that’s another layer of safety)
  • Never share personal information over the Internet
  • DO NOT type email addresses
  • DO NOT type last name
  • DO NOT type home addresses or phone numbers

Publish Quality Work (Students)

  • Think of your audience: students, teachers, parents, friends around the world…
  • Check your spelling
  • Check your spacing
  • Check for capitalization
  • Check for punctuation

Caring for our computers

  • Carry the laptops with 2 hands (not on top of your head!)
  • Shut down the computers correctly. This saves energy and lets them rest!
  • Put laptops on their numbered shelf
  • Plug in the laptops with the plugs facing out
  • Don’t touch the laptop screens or projector lenses

What we have, and how to share it

The list of resources below are available to be shared by each floor. The keys for each cart containing computers or projectors are currently with designated teachers. See the teachers listed below to get the keys, and establish a system with the teachers on your floor for sharing your resources. This should be a collaborative process. If you establish a system that works, please share it as a comment to this Post.

3rd floor

  • cart 1: 24 Dell laptops in the “Server Room” (302A)
  • cart 2: 20 Dell laptops in Mr. Flickinger’s room
  • cart 3: 12 Mac laptops, and 1 Epson LCD Projector in the Server room
  • cart 4: 4 Dell laptops (need power cables), 1 Dell LCD projector, 1 Sony Digital Video camera, and 1 Canon Digital Video camera
  • AV cart 1: 1 Dell LCD projector with built-in speakers in Mr. T’s closet
  • the file cabinet in the Server room also has 6 Canon digital cameras that can be checked out


The following can be used in the library only by scheduling time with Mrs. Lane.

  • 8 Dell desktops
  • 1 Dell LCD projector (library use ONLY)
  • 1 Smartboard
  • 1 dropdown movie screen for large projections

2nd floor

  • cart 5: 8 Mac laptops in Ms. Gallaghan’s closet
  • AV cart 2: 1 LCD projector, with built-in speakers in Ms. Abodeely’s room
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  1. November 15, 2007 2:47 pm

    Mr. Conrad suggested this morning that we might try a sign up board (dry erase?) outside of 302A. Something simple with each cart or resource listed, where people could reserve things as needed.

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