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Student Activity: Saving web addresses

November 7, 2007

On Thursday, Ms. Delaney’s 4th grade class will be doing Internet research for their reporting unit.

Students will be working on laptops to find sites with useful information on their topics, and saving the addresses of those sites by pasting them onto the blog.

We’ve identified source citation as a critical skill for students to understand when researching on the Internet. This lesson will teach them how to save a web address (a.k.a. “URL”). It will also create an archived list of sites for other students interested in the topics they research. Students can then open the blog from any computer connected to a printer and print, or take notes from that site whenever they want without searching for it again.

Basic Skills Taught:

  • Internet source citation
  • Blog Commenting
  • Opening 2 windows at a time
  • Copying and pasting using the “Edit” menu

Here are the steps


Model the skills kids will use

  1. Demonstrate leaving a comment (this should be done as a lesson prior to this activity)
  2. Demonstrate using the “Edit” menu: “Select All”/”Cut”/”Copy”/”Paste”
  3. Demonstrate opening 2 windows at once: “File”, “New Window”

Leave a blog post for your students to respond to

  1. Open up your class blog and log in
  2. Make a New Post with the instructions for students. Example: Ms. Delaney’s Instructions for this lesson
  3. Post a comment as an example. Something like this:
    Student’s name
    key words: Tigers, Bengal, kids


Open the blog and start your Comment

  1. Click the title of this post
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the example Comment
  3. Find the “Leave a Comment” box below the example
  4. Type your name (in the “name” box or in your comment box)
  5. Type the the topic you are searching for and hit “return/enter”
  6. Type the “key words” that you are searching for and hit “return/enter”

Open another Internet window and find a site you like, using your key words

  1. At the top of the page, click “File” then “New Window” to open another Internet window
  2. Go to or Yahooligans, or the Portaportal and type in your key words
  3. Click on the site’s address
  4. At the top of the page click “Edit” then “Select All” to highlight the address
  5. Click “Edit” again then “Copy”

Paste the address into your blog Comment

  1. Go back to your Internet window with the blog in it
  2. Find your Comment
  3. Click under where you typed your key words
  4. Click “Edit” at the top of the page, then click “Paste”
  5. You should see your web address there
  6. Click the “Submit Comment” button under your Comment

Go back to the Search Engine and get more addresses and make more Comments!

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