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Multimedia Pen Pals: Scotland, Indiana, Tennessee…

September 4, 2007

As a lot of you have heard, we have been getting contacts from schools around the country and even over seas through our blog. Elementary school teachers in Aberdeen, Scotland, Indiana, Tennessee and North Carolina have found our web sites through web searches for school blogs. And of course there is also PS 130 in Windsor Terrace that wants to be like PS 124, and has started their own blog with my help. They are all interested in collaborating with us to design correspondence between our students and theirs over the Internet this year.

As I’ve said in my posts below, the use of these types of tools are changing the way people communicate, and students’ work with them involves Internet, writing, and typing practice, while developing media literacy. This is a great opportunity to motivate kids to write, learn some geography, and expand their understanding of other places and cultures.

I will be meeting with the upper grade teachers to plan the use of technology in the classroom this year. I will be excited to find ways that we can connect with these classes while sticking to your classroom goals for technology, literacy and social studies at the same time.

Here are links to some of the activity we’ve had from these schools:

This correspondence all started spontaneously! It’s an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of school technology integration — I haven’t seen anything like this in my web searches — and I believe it can be integrated in the classroom with a little planning and PD. Let me know if you’re interested in brainstorming with me using the “comments” below!

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