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Writing scripts for our Video Illustrations

April 18, 2007

4-304 Video Illustration on Friendship


Shots: The piece of video that is recorded between the time when you press record on a camera, then press stop;
edited videos are made up of different “shots” put together by an editor; storyboards plan out each shot in a video
* Close-up Shot: (see this example)A shot that frames one specific detail (examples: an eye, a face, a pencil writing); Close-ups are good for showing emotions on a persons’ face, or a detail you don’t want the audience to miss
* Mid Shot: (see this example) A shot that frames a group of things together (examples: 2 people talking, a person typing on a computer); it’s not so close that you can’t see their bodies, but it’s not so far away that you can’t tell who they are and what they’re doing
* Wide Shot: (see this example) A shot that shows a wide view of where you are (examples: a whole classroom, the skyline of a city); wide shots are good for showing where people are, or what the area is like around something

Main Idea for the boys:
* Respect is an important characteristic of a good friend.

For Example:
It is bad, when somebody says, “I won’t be your friend if you don’t give me something”.

2 kids are friends
Jackie — Bad Friend
Robinson — Good Friend?


Jackie sees Robinson giving out candy, and Jackie asks, “why do you give other people candy, but not to me?”

Robinson replies, “I only have one more, and I haven’t had any!” Jackie selfishly says, “I’m not going to be your friend if you don’t give me that last piece!”

Robinson says, “well, I don’t want to be your friend, if all you want is my candy! It’s either me or the candy!”

Sentence 1 (introduction, to the setting, and the characters): One day, Jackie saw his friend Robinson giving out candy on the playground to some kids.

Sentence 2: Jackie decides to go over to Robinson and demands candy in a selfish way.

Sentence 3: Robinson stands up for himself by giving Jackie a choice between the candy and his friendship, because he felt disrespected.

* Picture how our three video shots will look. Try to tell the story with pictures in a close up, mid shot, or wide shot.

* Write your 3 sentence story with Ms. Caputo, then picture how you might tell your story with a close up, a mid shot, and a wide shot.

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