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Interviewing Liz Carollo from Greenmarket

March 29, 2007

We’re going to make a video that tells our audience about our experience of traveling to different grocery stores and what we’ve learned about where our food comes from.

Liz Carollo from New York City’s Greenmarket, an organization that sets up “farmer’s markets” around the city is coming in today to talk to us about the idea of buying food from “local” farmers. She’s bringing apples from Terhune Orchards, in Princeton, NJ. We are going to take the video clips we shoot with her, what we shot at PathMark and the Park Slope Food Coop, and make 6 short video reports on the following main ideas:

1. How and why we made this video

2. Where our meat comes from

3. Where our produce (fruits and veggies) comes from

4. The difference between “organic” and “conventional” farming and foods

5. The different kinds of places that sell food in our neighborhoo

6. What we have learned from this project

Here’s our schedule:

1. Intro from Liz
– Tell us where you’re from, and why you are into what you’re into.
– Tell us what Greenmarket does

2. Watch clips from “The True Cost of Food” DVD and “An Inconvenient Truth”
– We talk with Liz about what global warming is, and what causes it.

– Everyone write a question from a clip for Liz

3. Watch Students Favorite clips from the PSFC and the PathMark
– Tell Liz what she’s going to see

4. Interview Liz
– decide what she should sit in front ot
– set up camera, tripod, and microphone
– each crew presses record and stop for their question

5. Shoot B roll
– brainstorm ideas (us listening to Liz, us filming Liz, us eating apples…)
– each group shoots 1 B roll shot

6. Leave comments on the blog
– Tomorrow, leave comments to this blog post about what you learned talking to Liz.

Our production groups’ questions:

1. JAE:
– Tell us a little about your market.
– Find out where the bread comes from. Get a shot of bread.

2. AL: Where does your food come from?
– How do you refrigerate the food while it travels to you?
– Where do you get the candy bars?
– Find out where the lettuce comes from. Get a shot of lettuce.

3. KAVS:
– We’re studying ecology. How does the food people grow and eat effect the environment?
– Find out where potatoes come from. Get a shot of potatoes.

4. KOS:
– Who decides how much your food costs?
– Do you have “organic” food here?
– What is the difference between organic food and not organic food?
– What is the price difference?
– Find out where tomatoes come from. Get a shot of tomatoes.

5. JJM:
– What is the difference between all supermarkets? Like PathMark, C-Town, Key Food, Costco, and the PSFC?
– Where does the beef come from, and how does it get here?
– Do you butcher the meat here?
– Find out where the beef comes from. Get a shot of beef.

6. KLAN:
– If you get too much food to fit on the shelves where do you keep it?
– How do you know when food is going to expire?
– How do you get that date?
– Find out where the ketchup comes from. Get a shot of ketchup.

More for Liz:
– Define farmer’s market (FM)
– Why don’t FM’s have certain foods year-round like PM and PSFC? How can we live like that? 🙂 Why should we?

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  1. Kevin D,Carlos A permalink
    April 17, 2007 2:16 pm

    I really like this blog because you put diffrent types of imformation. Also, my friend thought that this blog was a really cool thing to do. Our class 4-452b at PS 13 in Easty NY is going to make a blog. So if you can write a comment please hook us up.

  2. tysheen permalink
    April 17, 2007 4:31 pm

    What is the differents between a Green Market and a Framer’s Market?

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