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Using video to strengthen our writing

March 28, 2007

Overview: Strengthening our writing with Video

As a class, we are going to create a “video illustration” to go with your writing on the theme of “Friendship”. A video illustration is a short video that uses sounds and pictures to help communicate what is in our writing — like the videos made by 3rd graders earlier this year.

Ms. Caputo tells me you have come up with some interesting writing about what it means to be a good friend. We will post that writing to the blog, and you will decide what what images and sounds will help you communicate your message to your audience.

Our first step will be to select the writing we want to share with the world on our blog.


1. Working in pairs, students log in to our blog on the laptops.

2. Students add their ideas for what the main idea of our video should be as “comments” to this blog post.

Overview: Planning our video

Once we’ve selected the piece of writing we want to illustrate with video, we then plan what we want it to look like. We are going to do this by writing a description of what our video illustration should show our audience.

As a class, we will plan an idea for 2 video illustrations, 3 sentences each, and post them to the blog.

Then write down your ideas about how you could show that idea using video and narration in your writer’s notebooks. Then you will post those ideas on the Internet as comments to our blog post.

When your ideas are all on the blog, we will look at them as a class and decide what idea we will use and how it will look by drawing pictures of what the video shots will look like. These are called “storyboards”.

Then we’ll shoot and edit the video!

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