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Taking notes for 5-302’s Video News Release

March 23, 2007

Today the 5-302 took notes in their Social Studies notebooks for their video productions exploring violence in their lives.

We are going to follow the standard Video News Release (VNR) format common on local television news to create 6 VNRs exploring different main ideas under the theme of violence.

For starters we watched an example of a VNR from The Media Spot, and broke it down into it’s parts as follows:

Video News Release (VNR) Format
10 second intro: where we are, main idea, definition of main idea
30 seconds of sound bytes: general information
10 second bridge: set up the 2nd set of sound bytes
30 seconds of sound bytes:
10 second “outtro” or conclusion

Then watched some clips from the interviews with students from IS 318 who visited school to talk about their violent pasts and how they have changed. (‘M’ stands for Matthew, ‘C’ stands for Charles.)

* M – trouble, went to dean, called parents
* C – took anger out on self, locked self in room
* C – what made him violent: wrong people, bad decisions
* M – in a bad situation
* M – wrong kids, lead you in wrong direction
* C – when violent “wrong” kids liked him, when not violent they didn’t like him any more, doesn’t care
* M — be a leader not a follower, followers go nowhere
* M — nobody likes a bully
* C — just think, that’s all, just think

While we watched, we started to identify main ideas within the theme of violence that the our 6 production groups will focus on. Here’s what we have so far:

1. What causes violence? One cause: hanging out with the wrong crowd can lead to violence.

2. What are the consequences of being violent? One consequence: life is no fun for a violent kid.

Mr. Marsano will be talking to the class this afternoon about other main ideas they are interested in.

Watch your local news tonight and see how closely they follow the VNR formula!

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