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A message to the Department of Education (Final Persuasive Essay)

December 17, 2006

To whom it may concern at the Department of Education,

The DOE is blocking important educational websites. Everyday students are looking online for information but they cannot reach the web sites they need because they are blocked. The DOE should not block our websites.

We need information from the Internet. For example, we are studying Africa. We may not find information on our topic in the library and we weill need the Internet. Many students tried to further their research on but could not have access.

DOE blockedThe DOE should not block our web sites because it would keep us from getting to good websites. For example, when we were going to, we were blocked. PBS Kids has a lot of educational, helpful information on Africa.

The DOE should not block our web sites because we might not be able to publish on our blog. One time a student in our class, Anthony, tried to publish his How-To piece but it wouldn’t go through because the word “Nintendo” was in it. Everyone in class 3-307 has their How-To piece published except Anthony. It is important that we can all put our work on our blog.

So why does the DOE insist on blocking our websites? Perhaps the DOE could block the adult parts of the web sites instead of blocking the whole web site. They should only block the inappropriate stuff and keep the appropriate stuff for the kids. Or if they are going to block the website, they could have a teacher password.

The password idea will help us because if there is important information on a website, the teacher can have the power to decide if it is helpful or educational for kids.

We hope that the DOE has heard us and will listen to us. Once again, it is wrong to block our websites. Thank you.

Class 3-307


This post was transcribed from student writing by Mr. Rhys


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