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List Poetry Video – Downloading Photos for iMovie

December 12, 2006

Now that we’ve saved the Internet addresses of our photos to the blog as “comments”, we will add them to our iPhoto “library” so that we can use them in iMovie to make our videos.

To add your photos to iMovie or save additional Images to your iMovie on your computer:
Since we are editing on an ‘Apple’ or ‘Mac’ computer, we can use the Safari web browser to add photos we like from the Internet directly into iPhoto and iMovie.

To do this,
1. open safari
2. find the photo you like on the Internet in Safari
3. hold down the ‘control’ key on the keyboard, and click on the photo you like and choose ‘add to iPhoto Library’ from the dropdown menu

Once this is done, you’re photo will be available from the ‘Photos’ panel in iMovie and you are ready to start building your poetry video!

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