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List Poetry Video Step 2: Choosing our lines

November 8, 2006

Now that we’ve seen how the process of making a video based on a poem using still pictures, we will select the lines we want to use in our list poems.

Here is a sample poem made from 5 “comments” I chose from our list of poetry lines on Nature:

Nature is a wonderful gift.

Looking at nature is wonderful
Looking at the clouds full of happiness.

I see a tree filled with wonderful animals entering the world. I see new faces born it’s like magic. I was so relaxed from my beautiful sight.

I’m on my bike I feel as if I’m in space
then I see a beautiful apple tree.

I wish I could go to nature, the clean air, seeing stars, telling stories. Such great place to be.

Choose your favorite 5 comments from our list of poetry lines on Nature and post them as “comments” to this post with your name on them (like this: Rhys, 5-302).

After we’re done with that, we will search for photos on MorgueFile that go with the new poems we create here for our video.

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