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Keyboard Shortcuts

September 18, 2006

Keyboard shortcuts help save time by making it easier and faster to do tasks on the computer. Instead of carefully moving the mouse so the cursor moves over to a tiny icon on your screen and then clicking to do something on your computer, you just press a couple of keyboard keys for the same result.

Example: If you hold down the Ctrl key at the bottom left or right of the keyboard and then press the [ ] key, the cursor will jump down to the next word in the line. No mouse!

For text editing, you’ll first select the text you want to work on, by “high-lighting” it. Then use the shortcut.

These shortcuts work on almost all Windows computers. Try to memorize some. But don’t try to learn them all at once. Pick one you’ll use all the time. Use it a lot, memorize it, then learn another.

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