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Technology Planning 2006-2007

June 9, 2006

Below are some quick notes to keep in mind while planning for next year

I will be working with the 3rd-5th grade classes on “technology integration”. The basic skills that we are focused on are typing, responsible and efficient Internet use, and basic desktop functions (using the Mac and PC operating systems).

The approach this year was to teach these skills through project-based learning involving 1.) video production that incorporates script writing, Internet research and image capturing from the Internet, and editing video on the computers, and 2.) use of the PS124 web log ( for publishing student writing, videos, and other work, lesson plans, and posting web-based activities for students.

This was our first year using the blog, and I’m very excited about how it worked out. My plan is to improve the organization of the blog to make it easier for students and teachers to post and find their work on it.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind for incorporating technology in your planning for next year:


PS 124The blog is a powerful tool because kids and teachers can publish to as easily as saving a word document, and it’s instantly accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. Beyond this, it can be used like a digital bulletin board for student work — virtually anything they produce on the computer can be displayed on the blog for the rest of the school to see immediately — and can be shared with other schools etc. Below are project ideas to think about:

* digital pen pals — connecting students through writing with other connected schools. let me know if you’re interested so I can find a school to match your class with.

* on-line journal writing — what blogs started as (web logs), great way to practice typing and writing for an audience beyond the classroom, students can edit their posts, incorporate images or links from the Internet, or add video journal entries

* you can create web-based assigments and send kids to the blog to follow the directions. (see the “scavenger hunt” assignments we did this year in the 5th grade by searching for those key words)

* create posts for web-based note taking (also see “scavenger hunts”)


Videos have been the culminating activities for all of the computer skills we worked on throughout the year. We spent a lot of time on script writing this year (often using the blog during the writing process). Next year I’d like to work the script writing into your literacy work, or simply start from completed essays and adapt them for videos — that would speed up the production process a lot. Here are some ideas to help plan the incorporation of video:

* all productions start from good writing

* they can be created out of any research assignment

* they can be adaptations of a realistic fiction writing assignment

* they can be simple slide shows using still images from digital cameras, or Internet based images

* they can be used as part of a multimedia report (recorded narration and presentation of digital visual aides)

* they can incorporate dramatic or documentary video planned and shot by kids

Make sure you look through to see the video productions and blogging that the students have done this year. The culminating projects will be uploaded to the blog early in the summer. You can browse the work by class by clicking the ‘Category’ listed by teachers’ names in the right column of the page.

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