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The Giver iMovie assembly; Class 5-302

May 23, 2006

[The following is a tutorial that explains how to download images from the Internet and import them for video editing in iMovie on Mac OS 9.2.]

To make our job of storyboarding easier, to make decisions about what still images we will use with our narration, and to get started on editing our trailer, we will now:

1. change to the Apple (Mac) laptops & desktops
2. download the images you've saved as comments to The Giver Video Trailer: Final Narration blog post into a 'Giver Movie' folder
3. import those images into iMovie
4. record your narration
5. add the images to a timeline in iMovie along with your narration

Here are the directions to follow to start building your trailer:

NOTE: the tech team has been through this process – ask them for help if you get stuck.

1. Go to the blog and download the images you want to use.
* open Internet Explorer on your Apple computer and
* go to The Giver Video Trailer: Final Narration blog post
* scroll down the page to the Responses
* click on links to an image that you want to include in your trailer
* when that image is shown in a window by itself, hold down the 'ctrl' key and click on the image, then choose 'Download Image to Disk' or 'Save Image to Disk'
* when the Save window pops up, create a New Folder by clicking the button in the lower right that says 'New' and has a picture of a folder — name the new folder 'Giver Movie Files' and click 'Create'
* click 'Save' and your image will be saved in the Student Panel in the Document Folder in the Giver Movie Files folder

2. Start a new project in iMovie
* go to the 'Items' panel on your opening page and select the iMovie program
* in iMovie click 'New Project' if the iMovie opening movie comes up, if no windows appear on top of iMovie, go to the 'File' menu in the upper left, and click 'New Project'
* when the 'Create New Project' window comes up, find the 'Giver Movie Files' folder and double click to open it, then type 'The Giver Trailer' in the box next to 'Name:' and click 'Create' — now you have started a movie file in your Giver Movie Files folder in the Student Panel

3. Import your images into iMovie
* in iMovie go to the 'File' menu, and choose 'Import File'
* in the 'Import File' window double click the 'Giver Movie Files' folder
* hold down the 'shift' key and click on all of the images you want to use in iMovie and click 'Import' — the images you chose should show up on the right side of the screen in iMovie in the 'Clips' panel on what's called 'The Shelf'

4. Record your narration in iMovie
* click 'Audio' on the right side of the iMovie window
* snap your fingers next to the hole on the right side, or top of your Apple computer — you should see green lines in the audio panel moving when you snap — that means your microphone is working
* get your final narration in front of you from this post: The Giver Video Trailer: Final Narration blog post
* click 'Record Voice' and read a line from your narration script into the microphone — get as close to the microphone as you can
* NOTE: you want the recording levels (the green lines I mentioned earlier) to be in the middle of the bar when you're speaking — if they turn red, you're talking too loud
* when you're finished speaking click 'Stop' — you should see an orange bar on the bottom of the screen in the 'Timeline', that is your recorded voice
* drag the 'Playhead' (the little white triangle with a line that cuts through the timeline) back to the beginning of the Timeline with your mouse and click the play button (the big gray triangle under the iMovie screen (you can also use the 'space' bar on your keyboard to play and stop the movie)
* make sure the playhead is at the end of the last orange piece of narration you recorded and record more lines of narration
* NOTE: make sure you click 'File' and choose 'Save Project' after every line you record

5. Add images to your iMovie Timeline
* click on the 'Clips' panel in iMovie to see the images you imported
* drag the image you want to put with your first line of narration down to the Timeline above the orange bar of narration
* if your image is not as long as your narration, click on your line of narration and see how long it is at the top of the Timeline (for example it might say Time: 6:14), after that click on your image and change the time on the timeline to equal the time of your narration (for example change the Time from 5:00 to 6:14)

Play your narration and images using the Play button or spacebar and save after every change you make.

For parts where we're going to shoot our own footage we will put in Titles over black with a description of what we'll shoot.

1. Add a description of the shot that we will shoot later to the Timeline
* click the 'Titles' panel on the right side of the iMovie screen
* check the box that says 'Over Black'
* choose 'Centered Title' from the list with the blue 'T's on them
* type in the description of the shot you want to shoot in the 2 white blanks at the bottom of the shelf
* set the length of time you want the title to last at the top of the shelf by sliding blue tabs on the bars next to 'Speed' and 'Pause' so that the time in the black after the = equals the time that you want (for example 3:13 + 1:18 = 5:01)
* drag the blue 'T' next to 'Centered Title' down to the timeline and drop it where you want it to play

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