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Ghost Story Video; The Turn of the Screw Group

May 19, 2006

bookThe Turn of the Screw is a spooky classic story written by Henry James in 1898. This book is about two ghosts who haunt these two kids, Miles and Flora, and a governess who tries to help them.

Miles and Flora get haunted by Ms.Jessel a governess who used to watch the children and Peter Quint, an alchoholic who used to work in the house. Both Peter Quint and Ms.Jessel are dead.

The new governess hears sounds at night and claims to see Ms.Jessel and Peter Quint's ghosts. Flora starts doing weird things, like dancing with Ms.Jessel's music box. The governess saw Ms.Jessel in the feilds, but Flora won't admit that she also saw her.

Miles plays around with the ghost of Peter Quint, but Miles won't admit to having done that. The governess gets nightmares and the ghosts seem to be everywhere she looks. Miles died because of it. Peter Quint was trying to posess Miles. But Miles young body could not take the ghostly attack.

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