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Ghost Story Video; Ghost Research Group Narration

May 17, 2006

Our group is doing research on ghosts and what they do. Do ghosts really exist? Many people think that they have proof that ghosts are real.

Why do ghosts choose to haunt people and places? The following are our theories about why ghosts choose to do this. After our research, and based on our prior knowledge, we decided that ghosts usually haunt people because people did something to them when they were alive. Sometimes they haunt places because that's where they died or where they lived.

When some people lose someone who is close to them they want to communicate with their spirit. This is called "spiritual contact" or "seances".
Harry Houdini the famous magician and escape artist believed in spirits but thought that many spiritualists were fake.

Many of the places where hauntings take place are in mansions or graveyards.

"Poltergeists" are ghosts that cause mischief and make loud noises.

Some people think that ghosts are allowed to possess people's minds like in The Turn of the Screw.

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