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Analyzing movie trailers 2; Class 5-302

May 1, 2006


Below is the narration from the trailer for March of the Penguins
"There is a mysterious ritual that dates back thousands of years. No living creature has survived it, except the penguin.

They have wings but cannot fly. They're birds that think they're fish. And every year they embark on a nearly impossible journey to find a mate.

For 20 days and 20 nights the emperor penguin will march to a place so extreme it supports no other life.

In the harshest place on Earth, love finds a way. This is the incredible true story about of family's journey to bring life into the world.

March of the Penguins."

Analyze this message:

* How many sentences did the narrator read?

* How long is the trailer?

* What media elements did they use (close ups, mid-shots, wide shots, music, sound effects, voice overs, dialogue…)?

 See 'comments' for class notes.

Assignment 1:

* Tell the story of The Giver in 10 sentences without giving away the ending. Use the narration from the March of the Penguins trailer to help you.
Assignment 2:

* Watch the March of the Penguins trailer without sound. Write out how the March of the Penguins tells the story with images. 

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  1. May 1, 2006 4:12 pm

    Class notes for writing our narration.

    What should we include in the narration to tell the whole story in 10 sentences?

    * the world is perfect.
    * no memories of… war, pain, hunger, homelessness
    * no love
    * no choices…
    – show the elders make the decisions — they run your life
    * the world is perfect… but not for (2 people) Jonas and The Giver
    – show a release
    * Jonas has to make a hard choice
    * he’ll miss people, he’ll hurt people…
    * and has to difficult journey to give love, feelings, choices, freedom, color
    * it may not be perfect but Jonas does X, and Y to bring Z to his community

  2. Donna permalink
    May 12, 2006 1:12 am

    You guys really captured the main focus for the movie from just a trailer! This is out standing work! Keep it up.

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