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Analyzing movie trailers; Class 5-302

April 28, 2006

nemoanalyze the Finding Nemo preview "The Light"

* How long is it?

* What media elements did they use (music, sound effects, voice overs, dialogue…)? 

* How do they tell the story?  does it seem sad?  funny?  exciting? 

* What parts do they leave out?

* Why did they leave those parts out?

* What kind of shots did they use (mid, wide, close-ups)?

* What information does the narrator give you about the whole story?  how many sentences long is the narration (we'll count them together)?

* Is the narrator always talking, or are there parts without any narration or dialogue?

Assignment for next week:
* Write a summary of The Giver in __ sentences for our preview. 

Try to write it so your audience gets interested in Jonas' ability to receive memories in this world, and the problems it causes for him.   Decribe the most exciting parts to you without giving away the ending.  

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  1. April 28, 2006 4:10 pm

    NOTES on “The Light” from class:

    – they tell what the story was about by having a character say “I need to find my son.”

    – not a lot of narration

    – lots of dialogue

    – music

    – sound effects

    – narration only told you when the movie was coming out

    – showed important characters (fish)

    – sound effect of the ocean (set the tone by going from above the water to under the water)

    – screaming, running away from the big fish to tell us that there will be some scary parts

    – you can tell he’s going on a journey: they show different scenes — running away from the shark, running through the jellyfish

    – they made it sound funny by showing funny moments from the

    – you could tell they were in danger from the sound — little bits of music tell you what’s happening before they show it

    – they put scenes together to show that there is a journey

    – left you thinking about what happens in the movie

    – PACE – they start very slow and give information about who made the movie, and a funny scene, then they pick up the pace to show that there is action

    Mission Impossible Trailer Notes
    – 3 characters
    – good guy running from bad guy to save his girl
    – action
    – 30 seconds

  2. Amanda permalink
    April 28, 2006 9:53 pm

    I love it.

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