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4-304 Final First Lady Video Script

April 10, 2006

jackie oIntroduction to Jackie Kennedy (D'andre):
Hi, I'm Jacqueline Kennedy Onasiss and I was born in 1929, and I died in 1994.

I came from South Hampton, New York.

I went to France to get my college degree and diploma. I got married to the 35th President, John F. Kennedy on September 12, 1953.
I had 3 babies named John Jr., Caroline, and Patrick, but Patrick died as a baby.

Interview with Jackie Kennedy

I: How was your life affected in the 1960's?

JK: It was a very hard time for me because my infant son died and then my husband was shot and killed.

I: What was it like to attend college in France?

JK: It was exciting because I was able to speak French and see new places.

Introduction to Dolley Madison (Simon, Axel & Kaitlin):
I was born on May 20th 1768. My parents were John and Mary Payne. We were Quakers.

I went to school, but not that often.

My sister Lucy Payne was married to George Washington's nephew, George Steptoe Washington.

Our family had slaves until my father freed them.

I then married John Todd in 1789. We had 2 kids. One of my kids died from yellow fever when he was 3 months old, my husband John died of yellow fever at the same time.

I then married James Madison on September 15th 1794. We did not have any children.

We moved to Washington D.C. and James later became President in 1817. I became first lady when I was 40 years old.

The British invaded (???when and why?) and I had to save the country's valuables including George Washington's portrait and The Declaration of Independence. I also had to run back in to get my parrot.

When James was dead, I had to sell my house to pay for my son's gambling debts.

I died the same day as my father, but a different year, July 12, 1849. I felt ill and I went to bed, I fell asleep and I never woke up.

Interview with Dolley Madison

I: How did you feel when both your husband and son died at the same time?

DM: I was very sad because my son was only 3 month old and having them both gone was a great loss.

I: How did you lose your house?

DM: I lost my house due to my son's gambling. I was forced to sell it to pay his debts.

Introduction to Laura Bush (Mamadou,Samiha):
Hi, my name is Laura Welch Bush.

I was born in Midland, Texas on November 4th 1946. I am an only child and have no siblings.

I got married on November 5, 1977 to George W. Bush at the age of 33. We have 2 fraternal twins, whose names are Jenna and Barbara Bush.

I am America's current first lady.

I have been in the White House with President Bush for five and a half years. In the year of 2000 he was elected to be president and in 2004 he was re-elected.

Interview with Laura Bush

I: What did you want to be growing up?

LB: I always wanted to be a teacher so I could help kids. That's why I was a librarian.

I: Were you very nervous when George was inaugurated?

LB: It felt great because my mother-in-law could help me. She had gone through it before.

Introduction to Eleanor Roosevelt (Christy, Jason, Farrah)

Hi my name is Eleanor Roosevelt. I was born in New York City in the year 1884.

I had a hard life growing up. My cold mother rejected me because of my looks. My father was an alcoholic, but he loved me very much. My mom died when I was eight, and my dad died when I was ten.

When I was fifteen I was sent to the Allenswood boarding school in London. In my time there I made a lot of friends.

After boarding school, I started teaching at a settlement house community center in the lower east side of New York City, when I met my true love Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was my far distant cousin.

Me and Franklin had so much fun together that we decided to get married. We got married in the year 1905, and we had six children, two girls and four boys. Then one of our boys died. (??? of what and when?)

Me and my family moved to Washington in 1913, and during World War One, I began to get seriously involved in politics. My husband encouraged me.

In 1921 Franklin was striken with the disease polio. This disease caused him to lose the ability to walk.

I encouraged my husband to run for president in the year 1932. He was elected to four terms. We were in the White House until 1944. During his time as president World War 2 began and ended.

During our marriage I had a job as an author writing a column called "My Day". It was about the things that I did to help other people, like giving money and food to homeless people.

Franklin died in 1945 of a cerebral hemmorrage, in other words a blood vessel burst in his head.

I passed away in 1962 at the age of 78.

Interview with Eleanor Roosevelt

I. How did you and Franklin meet?

E.R. We met when I returned from boarding school in England. I came back to New York.

I. What was your relationship like with Franklin?

E.R. It was fun, we sometimes acted like kids. We did lots of things together, like going to Dodger's games and walks around the neighborhood. We both enjoyed reading so we would go to the library often.

Introduction to Abigail Adams

I was born in Massachussetts on November 11, 1744. I had one brother, William, and two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth.

My husband John was the second president of the United States. We were married October 25, 1767. We had three children, John Quincy, Naddy, and Suzanna. Suzanna later died after a long illness.

I enjoyed writing letters. That is how John and I stayed close while he was busy running the country and during the revolution. I helped John become a political thinker known to all.

After his presidency John and I retired to our home in Massachusetts. Years later my son, John Quincy, also became president. I am one of only two women who were married to a president and mother to a president.

I died October 28, 1818.

Interview with Abigail Adams

I. What was your favorite school subject?

AA. My favorite subject was writing. I wanted to be an author but only wrote to my husband.

I. Did being married to the president help you as amother of the president?

AA. It was different because a mother feels responsible for what a child does or does not do.

Introduction to Mary Todd Lincoln

I was born December 13, 1818 in Lexington, Kentucky. I had two sisters. My mother died when I was only six years old.

I married Abraham Lincoln, November 4, 1842. We had three sons, Willie, Tad and Robert. Willia died of Typhoid at the age of eleven and Tad from tuberculosis. I feared losing Robert and wouldn ot let him serve in the Union Army during the Civil War.

I became first lady March 4, 1861. People did not like me. I had parties during wartime. Abraham was upset with my spending habits.

I suffered from many health problems. I died in 1882 at my sisters home. I was buried in Springfield, Illinois in the Lincoln tomb.

Interview with Mary Todd Lincoln

I: How did you feel when your son Tad died?

ML: It haunted me for the rest of my life.

I: You were a child when your mother died, did that make it harder for you?

ML: My father remarried and I never felt loved. I kept my own children very close to me.

Introduction to Martha Washington

I was born in Virginia, June 2, 1731. My father had one older brother named William, but I had no siblings. My mother was an only child too.

I married Daniel Custis and had two children. After he died, I married George Washington. George raised the children.

I became first lady on April 30, 1789 at the age of 57. I never wanted the job. I wanted to retire with George to Mount Vernon. I saw the position as my duty to my husband and my country.

I died a few years after my beloved husband George in 1802.

Interview with Martha Washington

I: Were you disappointed that George and you could not have children of your own?

MW: Yes, but we had my two children to rasie.

I: Were you ever afraid that George would be killed in battle?

MW: Yes, but that's the life of a soldier's wife.

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