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Class 4-304 First Lady Video Planning

April 5, 2006

Meet the First Ladies of The United States

The Class 4-304 video will be made up of 7 short video interviews with students playing the part of select first ladies.

These interviews will be set up by narrators reading facts about their experiences illustrated by images of the first ladies downloaded from the Internet.


Script Writing:

1. Scripting the Introductions to each featured first lady.

Each group will write a summary that includes:

1) which president they were married to,

2) the years they lived in the white house, and

3) an introduction to the interesting points that the student playing the first lady will be interviewed about

2. Scripting the Interviews

Each group will write questions and answers (at least 2 questions, no more than 4) covering the most interesting moments of their lives.


– Narrator (voice over with images from the internet on screen): Laura Bush is currently the first lady of the United States.  Her husband, President George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States, and has been in office since 2000.  Laura Bush was a librarian and a teacher before becoming the first lady.

– Interviewer (on camera):"Mrs. Bush, what have you done with the White House library since you moved in?"

– Student playing Bush (on camera): "Well, I have started a read-aloud program for kids in the Washington D.C. area…" 

Image Gathering:

1. Once the script is complete, each group will search the Internet for images that will illustrate their narration.

2. For the interview process, students will plan how they want their interview shots to look by sketching storyboards, then conduct the interviews using the digital video camera.

iMovie Editing:

1. When each group has collected all of the images and video they need, we will import them into iMovie. Each group will have one computer where they build their segment of the video.

2. Groups will then record all of their narration onto the iMovie timeline.

3. When their narration is saved, students will add their photos and video clips in sync with their words.

4. Once the segments are saved we can add titles, transitions, sound effects, and music as needed.

* when each piece is completed, we will add them to one iMovie timeline to make our final movie.

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