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Welcome to the PS 124 Staff Blog!

March 24, 2006

PS 124

OUr Public Blog:

The purpose of this blog is to provide an easily updateable and accessible location for PS 124 general announcements, as well as a calendar of school events.

From wikipedia’s entry on blogs:
“A weblog, which is usually shortened to blog, is a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or a diary), displayed in a reverse chronological order.


Announcements will be published on this web log each week. Each time a new announcement is made it goes automatically to the top of this page. Older announcements will be searchable in reverse chronological order by scrolling down the page.

Ms. Martinez, Ms. Villavicencio and Nicole will be the administrators of this blog. They will be posting general announcements, such as schedules for professional development sessions, or agendas for workshops like this. They will NOT be posting urgent announcements. Urgent announcements will still be made by the time clock.


One feature of blogs is the ability to respond to any announcement by leaving “comments“. When a comment is submitted, an email is sent to Ms. Martinez, Ms. Villavicencio, and Nicole. They will then respond to your comments with their own comments, or respond to you personally outside of the blog.

To leave a comment, scroll to the bottom of a post and click on “Comments” (it will show the number of previous comments before it, i.e. “3 Comments”). If you click on the title of the post you want to respond to, the comment form (“Leave a Reply”) will already be opened for you.

Add your name and email address. You can leave the ‘website’ field blank.


Blog announcements or “posts” are also searchable by how they are categorized. To the right, you will see a list of “Categories”, these will allow you to isolate only posts specific to that category.

Because this is a new system of communication, we expect that the way that things are categorized to the right will change during the year, however, the basic system of announcements will remain the same — by coming to this page,, you will be able to scroll through all announcements made this year in reverse chronological order.

Mr. Conrad and I will work with each of you to designate a computer in your room as your administrative computer, so that when you open the an Internet browser on that computer (like Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox) it will have this blog set as your home page.

Start checking soon, and check often, announcements are on the way!

(the information on this post will also be available on this blog’s permanent “About” page.)

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  1. August 31, 2006 3:19 pm

    This is an example of a comment. I can ask questions about any given announcement here, and if I put my email address in the field above I will be notified when someone responds to my comment.

  2. August 31, 2006 3:20 pm

    this is a test reply to the first comment.

  3. Mr. Marsano permalink
    September 1, 2006 1:32 pm

    gee, I really love blogs!

  4. April 5, 2007 3:18 am

    You have a nice blog. Keep up the good work.



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