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New Dinosaur! Class 4-303

March 3, 2006

new dinosaur pictureAccording to THIS ARTICLE in National Geographic for Kids:

“Scientists say they have identified a new species of dinosaur that roamed an area that is now known as western India 65 million years ago.”

Let’s read the article together and post our notes to the blog as Comments with the most important information that we’ve learned on this subject.
Here are some guiding questions:

1. Where did scientists find the bones of this new dinosaur?

2. What are they calling the new dinosaur, and what does the name mean?

3. What did this dinosaur eat?

Here’s another link to photos of this dinosaur from National Geographic: Rajasaurus Photo Gallery

New Questions from today’s (3.3) students to research:
1. Was this dinosaur bigger than the T Rex?
2. How many years ago was it found?
3. Does it have the same bones as other dinosaurs?
4. How long was it (in feet)?
5. Does it bite harder than other dinosaurs?
6. At this time, are there any animals related to this dinosaur?
7. How come they didn’t find these bones sooner?

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  1. March 3, 2006 8:56 pm

    In-Class Answers to posted questions 1-3:
    1. Western India, from the Narmada River region. (Nicholas)
    2. Rajasaurus narmadensis, which means “regal reptile from the Narmada.” (Kristian)
    3. Meat (or other dinosaurs). (Angela)

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