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NY Transit Strike (Scavenger Hunt)

December 15, 2005

We are going to search an article in the New York Post for specific information about the possible New York transit strike and paste that information into a Microsoft Word Document that you will save.

Follow the steps below to create your Word Document and start taking notes!

STEP 1: Create your Word Document

  • Open the program, ‘Microsoft Word’
    * If you’re on a Windows machine (a Dell laptop) look in your ‘Start’ Menu. If it’s not on the shortcuts list, look in ‘All Programs’/’Microsoft Office’.
  • Copy the information below from ‘Your Name’ through ‘the list of 5 questions. [highlight the text, then click edit/copy]
  • Your Name:
    Your Class Number:
    Today’s Date: December 16, 2005
    Topic: New York Transit Union Strike

    * Paste the Web Site Address Here:

    1. Who publishes this website? (hint: look for an ‘About’ page in the menu)
    2. At what time was this article posted?
    3. Who is threatening to go on strike?
    4. Who has the nation’s largest transit system?
    5. What would a strike do the the nation’s largest transit system?
    6. How much pay would public bus and subway workers lose for every day they are on strike?
    7. What do the transit workers want?
    8. When was the last New York transit strike?
    9. Is going on strike legal?
    10. See if you can copy and paste the ‘New York Post Online Edition’ image at the top of the page into your Word Document.

  • Paste it into your Word document [click where you want the text to go in your Word Doc and click edit/paste]
  • Then add your name and info to the first 4 lines you just pasted

STEP 2: Save your Word Doc in your Personal Folder

  • Save [file/save as] ‘File Name’: ‘Savenger Hunt – Your Name’ to name the file
    STEP 3: Find your Web Site

STEP 4: Cite your Source!

  • Copy [edit/copy] the web address (for example:
  • Paste it [edit/paste] into your Scavenger Hunt Word Document next to where it says ‘* Paste the Web Site Address Here:’STEP 5: Read the Page
    • Read the article on the web page your teacher has sent you to.
    • Keep an eye out for the answers to the questions your teacher has outlined for you.

    STEP 6: Take Notes

    • Read the page looking for answers to the questions your teacher listed
    • Copy the words or images that answer the questions your teacher listed
      * to copy words, highlight them and click ‘Edit/Copy’
      * to copy images, right click on them and select ‘Copy’ from the dropdown menu
    • Paste the words or images into your Word Document under the question they go with.
      * to paste words or images you just copied, put the mouse in the document where you want the information to go and click, then click “Edit/Paste’ from the dropdown menu

    * Remember: Each time you add something to your Word Document — remember to Save [file/save]

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