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3rd Grade Blog Images and Captions

December 6, 2005

This is a post for the creation of a lesson plan that will involve 3rd grade students searching the internet for photos and linking them on this blog with a caption they will type.

Step 1: Write a caption
* students are working with Ms. Grant to write captions for sketches they are creating of different animals.

Step 2: Find an image
* students will work with Mr. Rhys in small groups on the Mac Desktops to search the web for images of their animal.

Step 3: Create Blog entries
* students will add the images to this blog wtih Mr. Rhys by pasting the web address of their image in a blog entry
* students will type their captions into the blog under their image.

Step 4: Publish the Blog entries and Share them with the school

Step 5: Print
* Mr. Rhys and Ms. Grant will print the entries to be posted with the student sketches on the class bulletin board


Mr. Rhys, Cheetah
The cheetah is known as the fastest mammal on the planet.

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